While we were at ECCC 2018 we had to stop at HQ multiple times. How can you not right?!?!? The Flagship store is amazing, if you love Funko or just joy in general then this is for sure the place to go. It is huge and great with a lot of separate sections that hold specific products.

The store is broken up into a bunch of smaller sections based on a theme including, DC, TV, Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Wetmore Forest, and the build your own Freddy or Monster area. As you can see from the pictures below the place is magical and we enjoyed every trip there we have made and cannot wait to go back.

One of the most interesting experiences is building your own Freddy or Monster. It took way to long for 3, count them THREE full grown adults to build Freddys. It is going to be a blast going back, if you are in the area it is a great stop to make.