Here are all the pops we talked about this week and where you can pre-order them.

Big Friendly GiantJesse Custer (Preacher)Cassidy (Preacher)Arseface (Preacher)The Chamberlain Skeksis (Dark Crystal)Aughra (Dark Crystal)UrSol the Chanter (Dark Crystal)Jen (Dark Crystal)Kira and Fizzgig (Dark Crystal)Kirk (Star Trek Beyond)Spock (Star Trek Beyond)Uhura (Star Trek Beyond)Sulu (Star Trek Beyond)Chekov (Star Trek Beyond)Scotty (Star Trek Beyond)Bones (Star Trek Beyond)Jaylah (Star Trek Beyond)Krall (Star Trek Beyond). The new Specialty Series, Aloha Stitch, Rick with Portal Gun, My Little Pony, Gorilla Grodd, New Green Arrow, Malcolm Merlyn, Starfire as the Flash, Raven as Wonder Woman, Robin as Batman, and Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Gown. You can check us out on twitter, facebook, and instagram @gofunkoyourself, visit for sweet news and such, finally go to to request an invitation to this great new website full of great communities.